OC References

I like to be a furry unicorn/cat on the internet a lot. neigh! mew!
i struggled to make this page as i hate bringing attention to myself! help


- Electric dark blue pony

- Very soff and floofy chest

- Long mane and fluffy tail, with a gradient from electric-blue to midnight darkness

- Chip cutie mark represents their extravagant tech/electronic hobby, rumors say that they may be a computer/pone hybrid and the chip is real

- Pure midnight darkness in mane signifies a talent in space/astronomy

Body: #1e3184

Eyes: #d21717

Mane Gradient



Art by LimeDazzle

Cutie Mark

download an image version of this ref

oh hey, you came here looking for backstories? hahahah lol no i'm too dum and depressed to come up with any!

Other images

Art by Neon Art by LimeDazzle

Starpool (pony)

Mane Colors

Main: #212121

Highlights: #00ffd2

Body: #424242

Eyes: #00ffd2

Art by Storm Cloud Rivers

Starpool (cat)

- Wields plasma as a weapon

- Fur always bristly

- Majorly damaged limbs held together by plasma

download an image version of this ref (art by coffee-catss)

Body Fur Colors:






Tail Highlight: #00ffd2

Face Markings: #00ffd2

Art by Raiuche