not a software developer by any means but have made some programs that may be in interest of some people.

(none of the programs i develop are recommended for production (at all) as i change things every now and then.)


get it on github here!

this program was fueled by weird nostalgia i have for the houston area, as i used to live around the waller/cypress area as a kid, we went there for lots of things
houston (really SE TX) has their own set of traffic cameras, hosted and managed by Houston Transtar
they have a website that you can use to access all of these cameras, though they indicate none of these are archived, nor can you get live video feeds from them consumer-wise
this program aims to bring that to anyone who is curious about the area, has similar nostalgia that i do, or wants to archive footage of cameras from this area


get it on github here!

very very simple program i did for a teacher at my school to extract files from subfolders and rename them putting folder names in front of filenames,
then moving them to a parent folder. nothing too special, intended for the Schoology platform